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What are an NP and PA?

Metro Infectious Disease Consultants maintains a highly qualified and experienced staff of physician extenders who are experts in infectious disease.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice nurses who have completed education and clinical practice far beyond that of a registered nurse (RN). They hold masters degrees in nursing and are fully equipped to perform patient exams, diagnose conditions, administer treatments, and order medications.

Physicians’ assistants (PAs) are skilled practitioners who have received their master’s degree in medical studies and, like NPs above, conduct physical exams, order and interpret tests, diagnose and treat patients, and order medications.

These physician extenders are critical to the functioning and success of Metro Infectious Disease Consultants. They expand our capabilities and ensure that patients are seen quickly (often same day) while providing the highest quality of care. More importantly, they focus on education, prevention, and wellness—enhancing our patients’ quality of life.